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Meeting Date: 6/21/2019 - 6:00 AM
Category: Accountability
Type: Info
Subject: 2025 Strategic Planning Committee Data Workbook
ACPS 2020 Strategic Plan Goal:
Objective 6.2 Continuous Improvement
ACPS will engage in cycles of continuous improvement at every level of the school division, and it will employ evidence-based decision-making in its consideration of process improvements, policy making, and budgeting and accountability.
Policy: AF - Comprehensive Plan
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190621_Board_Brief_2025 Strategic Plan Committee Data Workbook.pdf
190621_2025 Strategic Plan Committee Data Workbook.pdf
Agenda Item Summary: The division, in collaboration with Hanover Research, has developed a data workbook to inform the strategic planning process. The workbook covers data around where the division has been over the past five years to orient Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) members as they embark on developing recommendations for the future. This Board Brief is intended to provide an overview of that workbook which was presented at the kick-off event for the Strategic Planning Committee on Wednesday, June 19. The Superintendent intends for this workbook format to be used in the future as the division annual report to the community and board for monitoring the school division’s progress in meeting strategic goals.
Background: The Kick-Off event with both the steering and strategic planning committees was held on June 19th at Ferdinand T. Day Elementary to launch the development of the next strategic plan. The objectives of the kick-off event were to highlight the purpose of strategic planning, discuss the role of committee members, note the importance of community engagement, and ensure a shared focus on equity. Committee members were asked to review salient data and information sources over the summer months to meaningfully inform the work of building a draft strategic plan in the fall/winter months.
Recommendation: The Superintendent recommends the School Board review the attached materials for possible planning, procedural, programmatic, and/or budgetary changes.
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Clinton Page - Chief Accountability Officer
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Gregory Hutchings - Superintendent