Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 2/7/2020 - 6:00 AM
Category: Human Resources
Type: Info
Subject: Review of Pre-Labor Day Calendar Start in August 2021
ACPS 2025 Strategic Plan Goal:
Goal 1: Academic Excellence and Educational Equity
Goal 2: Family and Community Engagement
Goal 6: Effective and Efficient Operations
Funding Source or Fiscal Impact (where applicable):
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200207_2021-22 Calendar Feedback Summary Chart.pdf
200207_Calendar Comments-Jan28_2020.pdf
200207_VDOE pre-labor 2019-2020-division-calendars.pdf
200207_2021-22-trad-pre-labor-8 days.pdf
Agenda Item Summary: Using the results of a public survey, the Calendar Committee reviewed the question of a pre-Labor Day start in August 2021.
Background: At the December 19 board meeting, the Board approved the study of a pre-Labor Day start in August 2021. A public survey on the question was completed in January 2020 and the results were reviewed by the Calendar Committee.
Recommendation: The Superintendent recommends the School Board review this information for awareness of pending board presentation.
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Gregory Hutchings - Superintendent