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Meeting Date: 2/2/2018 - 6:00 AM
Category: Technology
Type: Info
Subject: ACPS Technology Plan 2018-2023: Planning Process
Strategic Plan:
Objective 4.5 Information Technology Infrastructure
ACPS will maintain an IT infrastructure within which an equitable distribution of resources provides support to every educational program and learning environment.
Policy: IF - Curriculum Development
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Agenda Item Summary: Technology Services will lead the division in a collaborative process to create a Technology Plan that supports teaching and learning from a variety of perspectives. An ACPS Advisory Committee, a Community Advisory Committee, and student and teacher focus groups will provide guidance and support for the ACPS Technology Plan. Roles of the committees and groups are described below.

ACPS Advisory Committee

The ACPS Advisory Committee will be comprised of leaders from across the Division with unique knowledge of their area of work. This committee will be presented with ideas and feedback from departments and focus group data to guide them in drafting goals, indicators, actions, resources, and partnerships. This team will be comprised of building administrators and staff members from ACPS departments.

Community Advisory Committee

This committee will be comprised of eight to ten community members. The members will be selected through an application process. This opportunity will be posted on the ACPS webpage and advertised in the ACPS Express. Members will be responsible for bringing their unique knowledge and experience to support and inform the planning process and development of goals.

Student and Teacher Focus Groups

Focus groups will be led by Technology Integration Specialists during the month of February. There will be student focus groups held in multiple schools across the Division. In addition, there will be five teacher focus groups comprised of two elementary and three secondary groups. Focus groups will provide feedback and data on staff and students’ current experience with technology in ACPS, as well as identify future technology needs for their teaching and/or learning.


Committee and focus group work will be conducted from February through April. A draft of the ACPS 2018-2023 Technology Plan will be provided to the School Board for comments before the end of the school year.
Background: In December, the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) released updated guidelines for developing 2018-2023 Division Technology Plans. The VDOE has identified four areas of focus for Technology Plans:

1. Learning - Enhance personalized, equitable student learning experiences with technology
2. Teaching - Support innovative professional development with technology
3. Leadership - Create cultures of change through innovative leadership practices

4. Infrastructure - Secure and robust infrastructure

Each area of focus will have one goal which is supported with results, indicators, actions, resources/partnerships, and VDOE resources. In addition, the Division will align each goal to ACPS 2020.
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