TYPE: Organizational Board Meeting
DATE: 7/2/2012 TIME: 8:00 AM
LOCATION: School Board Meeting Room
Call to Order
1. Call to Order Info
Pledge of Allegiance
2. Pledge of Allegiance Info
Moment of Silence
3. Moment of Silence Info
Adoption of Meeting Agenda
4. Adoption of July 2, 2012 Meeting Agenda Action
Nominations for Chair
5. Nominations for Chairman Info
Election of Chair
6. Election of Chairman Action
Nominations for Vice Chair
7. Nominations for Vice Chairman Info
Election of Vice Chair
8. Election of Vice Chairman Action
Superintendent's Recommendation for Clerk of the Board
9. Accept Superintendent's Recommendation of Candra Hodges as Clerk of the Board, and Tammy Ignacio as Deputy Clerk Action
Communications & Addresses to the Board
10. Code of Ethics & Standards of Conduct Info
Board Chair's Report
11. Chairman's Report Info
Superintendent's Report
12. Superintendent's Report Info
Approval of Minutes
Consent Calendar Action
13. Approve 2012-2013 Meeting Dates Action
14. Jefferson-Houston Construction Management Contract Action
15. Superintendent's Revised Contract (First Amendment to Second Employment Agreement) Action
16. Policies DA, DI, DJ, DJFA, FB, and FEG Action
Items Pulled from Consent
17. Policy BDDE - Rules of Order and By-Laws of the School Board Action
Old Business and Action Items
18. Autism and Inclusion Plan Update Info
New Business and Reports to the Board
19. VSBA Delegate and Alternate Delegate Selection Info/Action
20. Middle School Annual Report SY 2011-2012 Info
21. Facilities Report: Summer Construction Projects Info
Announcements By Board Members
22. Announcements by Board Members Info
Future Business
23. Future Meeting Dates Info
Closed Meeting and Certification of Closed Meeting (if needed)
24. Closed Meeting and Certification of Closed Meeting (if needed) Info/Action
25. Adjournment Action